Positive Thinking

This is an excerpt from an article which I am particularly fond of. Almost every second person on this Earth has asked themself the question "WHY ME"? -

Why me for this happiness?
Why me for this saddness?
Why me for this disease? and so on.
This beautiful piece provides the answer to this question. Enjoy the read!
The text that follows is an excerpt from the 'Most Positive Thoughts of Cee Pee'
All thought is energy. It has immense power. It can create your surroundings. A thought can heal or harm another. Be careful what you create: healing, or harming because it will come back to you like a boomerang as your outward circumstances: either as lots of health, wealth, peace of mind and happiness, or as tragedies, diseases, illnesses, unrest and set-backs.

Why? Because each time we create a thought it contains emotional-energy and the creation process has started. It's as if an arrow is released in the mental-sphere of planet Earth. Then, similar thoughts or arrows are attracted to it, bunched together, and when saturation is reached, the "law of Karma" is set in motion and the thought you formed materialises into deed. If your thought was of wishing another ill-health, you will be sick. If it was of cheating someone, you'll be cheated. If it was betrayal or hatred, you'll be betrayed and hated since you've yourself created your own reality and the world is merely reflecting your own thoughts, whether god or bad. As you sow, so shall you reap. If you sow seeds of chillies in the soil, how can you expect roses to grow? This is the Law of Karma.

Karma is a Cosmic Law wherein every smallest situation in your life is a consequence of your own thoughts. This is why we feel that bad things happen to good people and wicked people are enjoying life. In reality, the whole drama of our so-called life is a process of thoughts which are manifesting into our outward circumstances and only an awareness of every thought you create has the power to alter the course of your karma. When a tragedy happens to us, we say "Why Me"?

This is because we can't perceive the connection between our past thoughts and present tragedy. It's difficult because of the time-lapse between the two. For the consequence of your thought to it's manifestation may take one week, one month, a year, an entire decade or even several lifetimes. This is why we say "Why Me"?

So take a firm mental about-turn and banish all negative thoughts. Why? Because your negative thoughts not only materialize as painful situations in your own life but create negativity elsewhere on the Planet. Each time you see, hear or read of violence, you create more violence in the Earth's atmosphere. Each one of us is responsible for the world we live in today. It's mankind's collective karma which can pertain to your family, nation and entire humanity going through a certain time and age.

Everything we think, do and say forms an imprint on our mind. Negative thoughts confuse the mind and move us away from spiritual perfection, peace and bliss. As a result, we are drawn towards negative, hurtful people, situations and circumstances. When death comes, that sum total of negativity automatically attracts us to a swoon of darkness which suits that negativity. We call that state of conciousness hell and it's of your own making.

In Sanskrit, we say "Yad Bhavam, Tad Bhavati", or you become whatever you think. Your world is only a reflection of your inner-state. The people you meet, situations you get into, problems, setbacks, happy or unhappy experiences and circumstances, these are all projections of your own mind. You create your reality. Be in perpetual meditation of good thoughts and you'll have a good life.

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